Programs on Offer

We offer a selection of courses at degree & Diploma levels; these are:
(i) Bachelor of Arts (NQs)
In this degree programme, students can specialise in any of the following disciplines.

  •   Economics
  •   Development Studies
  •   Public Administration
  •   Sociology
  •   Philosophy
  •   History
  •   English
  •   French
  •   Linguistics & African Languages

(ii)  Bachelor of Arts with Education
(iii) Bachelor of Education (Primary)
(iv) Bachelor of Education (Special Education) 
(v) Bachelor of Arts with Library & Information Studies 
(vi) Bachelor of Education (Adult Education)
(vii) Bachelor of Teacher Education (BTEd)
(viii) Diploma in Sports Studies (DSS)

To be Introduced soon by distance learning mode.
(i)  Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
(ii) Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psychology)
(iii)Bachelor of Education (Major in Psychology)
(iv)Diploma in Bovine Herd Heath Management and Reproduction in Tropics
(v) Diploma in Laboratory Diagnostic