Consultancy and Research

The Directorate’s role is not only to co-ordinate teaching and research in Schools, but it is also involved in availing the knowledge and skills of its academic and research staff through consultancy work and commissioned research.

The Directorate enjoys as a hub of wealth of experienced consultants and seasoned scholars and researchers in areas like Engineering, Education, Law, Veterinary Medicine, Mineral Sciences, Agriculture, Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences among others.

The unit draws its strength on the fact that virtually all Schools have undertaken consultancy work with various sectors of the Zambian economy in order to advance national development. And as such the Directorate has the potentiality to co-ordinate, monitor and organise consultancy and commissioned research activities for the benefit of the wider community.

The Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies is one of the units which are centrally placed and ideal for carrying out commissioned research and consultancy work of an interdisciplinary nature.

The Unit has its own core of highly trained and experienced professionals in diverse fields led by the Director. These experts have carried out consultancy work in various fields for the Government and the private sector.

Further information can be obtained from the Director.