The University of Zambia wishes to make a clarification on the report entitled “Soya is Linked to Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Diabetes”, authored by Martin Sampa, a PhD student from the School of Agricultural Sciences, UNZA.

The experts from the University are not yet in possession of this report and therefore they are not able to give any professional opinion on the matter.  However, the University of Zambia wishes to inform the general public as follows:

1. The University of Zambia exercises the academic freedom in its full context and within the defined framework for an institution of this kind.
2. Mr. Martin Sampa is a bonafide registered PhD student in the Department of Animal Science, School of Agricultural Sciences.  He is working on a research topic that is focused on discerning metabolic pathways and metabolites determining wasting in animals when they are sick.  The work mainly involves desk search in literature and no feeding trails have been conducted under the auspices of this study in the School or anywhere else.
3. The University has a procedure for the approval of research, conduct of the investigation and dissemination of the results.
4. Mr. Sampa is doing his PhD studies at the University of Zambia on an approved research topic that is different from the one presented in the Soyabean paper. In a letter to the National Assembly, Mr. Sampa indicated that his submission on Soya was in his individual capacity as a researcher and did not in any way represent the position of the University over the issues addressed.
5. Arising from (4) above, personal opinions or research results from elsewhere cannot be ascribed to the University of Zambia.


Dr K. E. Yambayamba

8th February, 2013