Entry Requirement

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To qualify for admission to a programme of study leading to a first degree of the University, a candidate must:
(i) Satisfy the General Entrance Requirement of the University (unless granted exemption in accordance with regulations);
(ii) Satisfy the particular Entrance Requirements prescribed by the relevant school as being necessary for such a programme of study (unless granted exemption in accordance with Regulations); and
The applicant must hold:
(i) Passes at credit level in at least five subjects in the Zambian School Certificate or Cambridge Overseas School Certificate;
(ii)  Passes at credit level in at least five subjects in the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level Examinations.
The subjects must be chosen from approved lists; and there are restrictions that forbid the inclusion of overlapping subjects. For example, Commerce and Principles of Accounts belong to the same group just as Biology, Agriculture Science and Science or Physical Science are in the same group.

Alternative Qualifications
(i)  Qualifications other than those of the Zambian School Certificate (or Cambridge Overseas School Certificate) or the General   
     Certificate of Education may be accepted provided they are approved as equivalents by the University Senate.
(ii)   Passes in the General Certificate of Education and advanced level examinations (a total of five subjects should be passed, and
       this may include credits obtained at ‘O’ level).
(iii)     A person holding a two-year Diploma of the University or of an institution awarding the   diploma in associate relationship
          with the University has an added advantage in as far as satisfying the General Entrance Requirements is concerned.



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