Central Management Committee Meetings Go Paperless

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The University of Zambia central management committee launched its first monthly management meeting on a paperless platform on 5th May 2014. Each committee member used their laptops to refer to meeting papers in the course of the management meeting. Furthermore, the meeting agreed to use the electronic calendar to schedule appointments and the bulk sms system to deliver quick messages respectively.

These initiatives are a move to harness information technology tools to reduce University expenditure on printing and stationery and enhance operational efficiency.

The University of Zambia Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Simukanga said:

‘It is important that all staff members at UNZA embrace electronic mail as the official method of communication. It is also imperative that all units, departments and schools avoid unnecessary printing of meeting papers, memos and other documents but instead make a contribution to cost reduction through use of various information technology tools’.

The roll out of the paperless meetings at the University of Zambia is in line with the strategic Direction No. 9 in the UNZA 2013-2017 strategic plan which seeks to harness workers’ and allies’ energies for University freedom from financial liability.

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