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   The Constitution of Zambia Act 1991

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(As amended by Act No. 18 of 1996)


110. [Application of Directive Principles of State Policy]

(1) The Directive Principles of State Policy set out in this Part shall guide the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, as the case may be, in the --

  • (a) development of national policies;

  • (b) implementation of national policies;

  • (c) making and enactment of laws; and

  • (d) application of The Constitution and any other law.

(2) The application of the Directive Principles of State Policy may be observed only in so far as State resources are able to sustain their application, or if the general welfare of the public so unavoidably demands, as may be determined by Cabinet.

111. [Directives not to be justiciable]

The Directive Principles of State Policy set out in this Part shall not be justiciable and shall not thereby, by themselves, despite being referred to as rights in certain instances, be legally enforceable in any court, tribunal or administrative institution or entity.

112. [Directive Principles of State Policy]

The following Directives shall be the Principles of State Policy for the purposes of this Part:

  • the State shall be based on democratic principles;

  • (b) the State shall endeavour to create an economic environment which shall encourage individual initiative and self reliance among the people and promote private investment;

  • (c) the State shall endeavour to create conditions under which all citizens shall be able to secure adequate means of livelihood and opportunity to obtain employment;

  • (d) the State shall endeavour to provide clean and safe water, adequate medical and health facilities and decent shelter for all persons, and take measures to constantly improve such facilities and amenities;

  • (e) the State shall endeavour to provide equal and adequate educational opportunities in all fields and at all levels for all;

  • (f) the State shall endeavour to provide to persons with disabilities, the aged and other disadvantaged persons such social benefits and amenities as are suitable to their needs and are just and equitable;

  • (g) the State shall take measures to promote the practice, enjoyment and development by any person of that person's culture, tradition, custom and language insofar as these are not inconsistent with this Constitution;

  • (h) the State shall strive to provide a clean and healthy environment for all;

  • (i) the State shall promote sustenance, development and public awareness of the need to manage the land, air and water resources in a balanced and suitable manner for the present and future generation; and

  • (j) the State shall recognise the right of every person to fair labour practices and safe and healthy working conditions.

113. [Duties of the citizens]

It shall be the duty of every citizen to --

  • (a) be patriotic and loyal to Zambia and to promote its well-being;

  • (b) contribute to the well-being of the community where that citizen lives, including the observance of health controls;

  • (c) foster national unity and live in harmony with others;

  • (d) promote democracy and the rule of law;

  • (e) vote in national and local government elections;

  • (f) provide defence and military service when called upon;

  • (g) carry out with discipline and honesty legal public functions;

  • (h) pay all taxes and duties legally due and owing to the State; and

  • (i) assist in the enforcement of the law at all times.

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