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About the Zambia Law Journal

The Zambia Law Journal is an academic publication based at the School of Law at the University of Zambia. Since 1969, the Journal has featured commentary by leading experts on the Zambian legal system, as well as summaries and analysis of Zambian legislation and case law, book reviews and student essays. Articles cover legal issues of national, regional and international significance relevant to Zambia. The Zambia Law Journal is published on an annual basis, and supplemental editions are also published from time to time.

This site contains a master index to the current issue and back issues of the Journal. The master index will lead you to abstracts and full text versions of selected articles, as well as summaries of recent Zambian judicial opinions and legislative enactments.

The Board of Editors encourages legal scholars and practitioners, whether inside or outside of Zambia, to submit manuscripts for consideration. Authors submitting manuscripts are asked to follow the procedures described herein and in the inside cover of the regular printed edition of the Journal.

This new World-Wide Web edition of the Zambia Law Journal is the result of the combined efforts of the Journal and the Zambia Legal Information Institute (ZamLII). If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send an e-mail to carlany2001@yahoo.com.


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