The Academic Affairs Office is a Unit under the Registrar’s Department.  The Unit provides administrative support to academic affairs of the University of Zambia.  It is responsible for undergraduate academic affairs with regard to advertising programmes on offer each academic year, admission of candidates to the various programmes, registration of students, the conduct of examinations and graduation ceremonies.  The Academic Affairs office is the secretariat of the University Senate and is therefore, the custodian of academic policies passed by Senate.  The Unit is also the custodian of all Students’ records.

The Unit is headed by the Deputy Registrar (Academic Affairs) and has two (2) sections.  The Admissions and Examinations section as the name implies is responsible for admissions and examinations.  The Section is headed by the Assistant Registrar (Admissions and Examinations) who is assisted by two (2) Senior Administrative Officers, one responsible for admission and the other takes care of examinations issues.  The Senate section is responsible for Senate issues relating to Curriculum reviews, graduation ceremonies and issuance of certificates and transcripts of results and preparation of graduation ceremonies.  The section is also the custodian of students’ records.  The Assistant Registrar (Senate) superintends over the section and is assisted by the Senior Administrative Officer and Assistant Administrative Officer.

UNZA is run on a two-semester system per academic year. The School of Medicine has, however, a dual system of term and semester. For admissions see Admission Requirements .


The members of staff in the Academic Affairs Office

Mr. R. G. Phiri

Deputy Registrar


Mr. Daniel. Siakalima

Assistant Registrar Senate


Mr.  Anock Saish

Assistant Registrar (A&E)


Mr. Edward C. Silwamba

Senior Administrative Officer (Exams)


Mr. Midlan Mtonga

Senior Administrative Officer (Academic Office)


Ms. Sara Nachilima

Senior Administrative Officer (Admissions)


Ms. Leah Bota

Senior Administrative Officer (Senate)



Mr. Gregory Kaputula

Senior Administrative Officer ( Customer Relations)


Ms. Monde Mungela

Management Secretary III


Mrs. Melinda M. Miti

Secretary II


Ms. Costance Mwamba




Mr. Netson Ndashe

Records Clerk


Ms. Antoinette Katulushi

Records Clerk


Mrs. Stelia M. Phiri

Records Clerk


Mrs. Mutinta Muponda

Records Clerk


Ms. Deborah Banda

Records Clerk


Mr. Doubtford Hampande

Acting Administrative Officer


Mr. Paul Mudenda



Ms. Valerie Ngulube Messenger