Corporate Graduate Link Programme/Demand Driven Teaching

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Our Objectives

Main objective of Demand Driven Teaching Programme (DDT) is to create a platform to enable dialogue and exchange between north- south and south-south partners that could cause change in higher education institutions for a new generation of professionals fit for industrial and private.

The Outcomes of the action are:

  1. A demand driven, practical oriented and state-of the art master programme in Integrated Watershed Management is offered at Makerere University. A short term course on climate smart watershed management and food security for lecturers and business staff is prepared.
  2. A job-market and research-uptake oriented Incubator Centre is established at UNZA.
  3. Partnerships between Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Higher Education Institutions, especially South-South partnerships, are established.

Output of the action

  1. Output 1: Structural preconditions for the establishment of the practice-oriented master course and the establishment of an incubator are set in place
  2. Output 2: Existing individual contacts between participating Universities, Chambers of Commerce and industry partners are extended and consolidated
  3. Output 3: Practice oriented curricula according to the current state of science and technology for the IWM Master Programme are developed, an incubator centre is established