The University of Zambia has noted with regret the recent spate of student demonstrations attributed to acts of Xenophobia recorded in the Republic of South Africa. University Council and Management condemn the mode of action taken by its students in their attempt to express their dissatisfaction with the current developments in South Africa.

The University of Zambia upholds high ethical standards for both its students and staff. UNZA believes that conflicts are resolvable in all cases through mutual dialogue. UNZA is therefore guided by the current diplomatic engagements taking place among the Government of the Republic of Zambia, the Republic of South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and is optimistic that an amicable solution to circumstances that have led to the current threat to peace and national security in the region will soon be found.

University Council and Management wishes to encourage its students to abide by the national guidance from His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu who, in his Press Statement issued on                            4th September 2019 has directed that we all show class and exemplary behaviour.


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Ms Namucana Musiwa