Counselling Services

The University of Zambia Counseling Centre is a specialized department falling under the student affairs Unit. The Department offers counseling services to undergraduate students. It is also open the University community and the general public counseling is mainly provided public. Counseling is mainly provided on a one on one basis by professional counselors.

The concerns attended to by the counselors are academic, psychosocial, tuition, health, career guidance and sometimes those that are psychological in nature.





Staff Establishment

The counseling centre is manned by six (6) professional counselors including the senior counselors.


During the report under review, a total of 544 clients were attended to. Out of this number 295 were male and 249 were female while one (1) was postgraduate.

Age Range

The youngest client was 15 years old and the eldest was 48 years old.

Thus international students are encouraged to visit the university counseling centre for all their problems or concerns. Remember a listening ear is worth more than going it all by yourself. Seek professional opinion as you try to navigate the bust and hustle of getting through your years at the University of Zambia.