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Creating of Email Signature

Here is a video on how to create your unza-email signature.  To download it, right-click on the link provided below and click on SAVE LINK AS otherwise, click to watch from within your browser. You may need QuickTime player enabled to watch it in the browser.

Creating Email Signatures

Registering on The UNZA Intranet

If you are a new user to the  UNZA Intranet you will need to register in order to log in. Simply click on the Register link then fill in the registration form. Make sure that your Man. Number is 6 characters in length. Then Click on the Register button at the bottom of the form. An email informing you of your approval will be sent to the email account that you provided during registration. It is only after you have been approved that you will be able to log in and use the UNZA Intranet. Please give an allowance of 1-2 hours for the approval email to arrive in your email box especially in the case where the email address provided during registration is not an UNZA email address. It is highly recommended that you provide an UNZA email address during registration as the system is configured to work best with the UNZA mail server which will generate the approval email. When you log in for the first time, your browser will show you your profile screen of the UNZA intranet. You can ignore this screen and click "Home" on the menu bar to start using the UNZA Intranet. If you would like further assistance concerning the UNZA Intranet, get in touch with the following:

School of Mines: Mr. P. Likezo

School of Law: Mr. S.P. Ng'ambi

School of Natural Sciences: Dr. M. Lombe

School of Engineering: Mr. G. Himuzowa

School of Engineering: Mr. F. Chazanga

School of Agricultural Sciences: Mr. V. Nyau

School of Agricultural Sciences: Mr. P. Sohati

Internal Audit: Mr. M. Nalucha

Internal Audit: Mr. C. Mubanga

Library: Mr. G. Sakala

Staff Development: Mrs. P. Sakala

Staff Development: Mr. Y. Lupenga 


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