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To be a leader in Social Science research and scholarly programmes that are relevant to the development of society


To undertake interdisciplinary Social Science research that responds to/and informs pertinent policy questions through research, teaching and consultancy

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2013 Publications

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Bwalya R. Mugisha J. Hyuha T. (2013) Transaction Costs and Smallholder Access to Maize Markets in Zambia Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics Vol.,8(9), pp. 328-336. ISSN 2006-9774

Bwalya, R. Kalinda T. (2013) Value Chain Analysis of Indigenous Poultry Sub-Sector, for Lusaka and the Surrounding Districts African Economic Research Consortium.

Kamwanga J.(2013) An analysis of public revenues in Zambia using national budget data for 2010-2013 Lusaka/UNZA Press  African Social Research journal ( forthcoming).

Kamwanga J. Mulambia C. ( 2013) Analysis of the health sector budgets, 2010-2013 Lusaka/UNZA Press  African Social Research journal ( forthcoming)

Kamwanga  J.(ed.) (2013) Examining policy shifts for selected sectors: 2010-2013 budgets Lusaka/UNZA Press, African Social Research.

Kamwanga J. Koyi G.(2013) Universal health coverage and human resources for health labour market in Zambia.

Funjika P. (2013) An Analysis of Trends in the Zambian National Budget (2010 to 2013): The Road Sector.

Koyi G. (2013) Budgeting for development? An analysis of public expenditures in Zambia Lusaka using    national budget data for 2010-2013 /UNZA Press  (2013)

Malama S. Muna J.B Godfroid, J. (2013) A review of tuberculosis at the wildlife-livestock- human interface in Zambia.  Infectious Diseases of poverty.

Malama S. Muma J. B. Olea- Popelka F. (2013) Isolation of Mycobacterium Bovis from Human Sputum in J Infect Dis Ther Journal Vol. 1,Issue 3.

Malama Sydney, Tone Bjordal Johansen ,John Bwalya Muma , Sydney Mwanza, Berit Djønne, Jacques Godfroid (2013) Isolation and molecular  characterization  of Mycobacterium bovis from Kafue lechwe (Kobus leche kafuensis ) from Zambia, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Muwonge A. Malama S. Johansen T. Kankya B. C. Biffa D, Ssengooba, Molecular Epidemiology, Drug Susceptibility and Economic Aspects of Tuberculosis in Mubende District,Uganda Plos One

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Macwan’gi M. Nyondo R. Munyima M.(2013) Strategic Communication for Health and Development Training.

Munyima M. Hamooya C, tangible as well as intangible culture in preserving Zambia’s Heritage Journal of ……ISSN: 2220-6442