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To be a leader in Social Science research and scholarly programmes that are relevant to the development of society


To undertake interdisciplinary Social Science research that responds to/and informs pertinent policy questions through research, teaching and consultancy

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2011 Publications

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Bwalya Richard, (2011) Assessment of the effects of the fertilizer support programme on maize productivity in Zambia: A chow test approach, Journal of Agricultural and Biomedical Studies, University of Zambia.

Bwalya Richard, (2011) Budget and agricultural productivity. INESOR Working Paper Series.

Bwalya Richard, (2011) Water and sanitation in the 2012 .INESOR. Working Paper Series.

C. Mupimpila and Patricia Funjika, (2011) Growth and regional integration: The aase of the Southern African Development Community. Zambia Social Science Journal.

Chishimba Mulambia (2011) National Budget Analysis on Health. INESOR Working Paper Series.

Chishimba Mulambia, (2011) AID for AIDS: How do Community Groups and other Stake holder negotiate the New Financial Architecture in Kenya, Malawi and Zambia?

 Kamwanga Jolly (2011) The revenue side of the 2011 National Budget INESOR working paper series.

 Kamwanga Jolly (ed.) ( 2011) the 2011-2012 National Budget Reflections INESOR working paper series.

Kamwanga Jolly, Patricia Funjika, (2011) Zambia competitiveness survey, in global competitive survey, World Economic Forum, Geneva.

Kashoki Mubanga, (2011) Emerging patterns in stress in Zambian English: Journal of Humanaities.

Koyi Grayson, (2011) Provision of Public Services in Zambia in Londo and Makanza. Ansa Press, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Koyi Grayson, (2011) The expenditure side of the 2011 National Budget. INESOR working paper series.

Koyi Grayson, (2011)The Labour Market in Zambia in Kondo and Makanza. Ansa Press, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Koyi Grayson, (2011) Towards a more Relevant Education System in Zambia in Kondo and Makanza Beezing Development Alternative in Zambia. Ansa Press,Harare, Zimbabwe.

Mubiana Macwan’gi, (2011) Integration of HIV/AIDS into the Teaching Curriculum at the University of Zambia.UNZA Press.

Munukayumbwa Munyima, (2011) Budgetary and Tourism INESOR working paper series.

Munukayumbwa Munyima,(2011) Post Elections National Budget and Tourism. INESOR working paper series.

Mutumba Mainga Bull (2011) Liberation Struggle for Southern Africa 1960-2001: Retrieving the Memories and Experiences of the first hand participants in the struggle.