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To be a leader in Social Science research and scholarly programmes that are relevant to the development of society


To undertake interdisciplinary Social Science research that responds to/and informs pertinent policy questions through research, teaching and consultancy

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2014 Publications

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Richard Bwalya (2014) An analysis of the value chain for indigenous chickens in Zambia's Lusaka and Central Provinces. Journal of Agricultural Studies, ISSN 2166-0379, 2014, Vol. 2, No. 2 doi: 10.5296/ jas.v212.5918 URL:


Muwonge, A. et al. (2014) A comparison of tools used for Tuberculosis Diagnosis in resource-limited settings: A case study at Mubende referral hospital,Uganda. PloS ONE 9(6): e100720.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0100720


Kalinda, T. Bwalya, R. (2014) An assessment of the growth opportunities and constraints in Zambia’s cotton industry, Asian Journal of Business Management 6(1): 63-75, ISSN: 2041-8744;e-ISSN: 2041-8752.


Malama S. et al (2014) Characterization of mycobacterium bovis from humans and cattle in Namwala district, Zambia. Hindawi Publishing Corporate Veterinary Medicine International, Vol. 2014, Article ID 187842, 7 pages,