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The Programme consists of three Research Fellows, namely Dr. Jolly Kamwanga who is also the current Director of the Institute, Ms. Patricia Funjika and Mr. Grayson Koyi who is the Programme Coordinator.

The program undertakes research projects guided by the following objectives:

a. Building capacities for improved policy and programme design, implementation and review: This will be done through the implementation of four activities: Policy working papers; Short Courses in Research Methods, Data Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation and Policy Analysis; Opinion Polls; and facilitating Skills Transfer among practitioners.

b. Assessment of the impact of selected macroeconomic policy interventions: This seeks to assess the linkage between economic policy and community livelihoods/ welfare.

c. Assessment of the business and financial market environment in Zambia in the context of national and regional development: This seeks to understand the role of the businessand financial market environment in Zambia especially as it relates to economic development.

d.To undertake economic and social research relevant to the development of Zambia.

The research focus of the programme include:

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