Staff Scheme

Staff medical scheme

A voluntary medical scheme is available at the University Clinic for University of Zambia employees .Employees (and their registered dependants) are eligible for health services at the Clinic upon joining the scheme to which the employee contributes K80.00 per month through pay roll deductions. To join the scheme, the employee writes an application letter to the Deputy Registrar or Assistant Registrar Administration. The Deputy Registrar or Assistant Registrar, administration then responds to the letter granting membership to the scheme, with a copy to the Bursar so that payroll deductions are effected. Offices of the Bursar and the Registrar thus facilitate the process. It is for this reason that the Clinic does not receive applications directly. Because this is a prepaid scheme, employees and their registered dependants can only start utilising the scheme once pay roll deductions have been effected. Employees are thus encouraged to join the scheme at the earliest possible time-they must not wait until they fall ill before making an application! The University Clinic though has always considered various circumstances and given medical attention even though payroll deductions have not been effected especially in emergency situations.

There are many benefits of being a member of this scheme. The University Clinic is located conveniently for employees and their families. The cost of subscribing is minimal especially considering the whole range of services clients access as a result (See details of services and facilities available on this site). The Clinic has established networks with other health facilities, making the referral process convenient for the patients. For instance acutely ill patients referred to UTH are accompanied by a nurse thereby ensuring that they are handed over straightaway to health personnel at UTH. The waiting time for such patients at UTH is shorter. Health providers at the University Clinic strive to put in their very best in the process of patient care. Finally in the course of 2009, subscription to the University Clinic medical scheme will enable employees and their families in need access high cost facilities at UTH.

Click here to Download template of application letter for the UNZA Clinic Medical Scheme.

Medical Information for Students

Health services are offered free to University students when the academic year is in session. During recess or breaks, students seeking services at the clinic are expected to pay except those with prior written authority from respective deans to be on campus during breaks.


University Clinic: 260 211 291840

Ambulance: 260 955 832547260 955 832547

Medical Officer: 260 955 3145260 955 314575

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