Strategic Plan 2011-14

Thursday, 19 June 2014
Written by Administrator

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HIV and AIDS remains the primary threat to Zambia’s economic, social and political development. There is no aspect of life that has not directly or indirectly been negatively influenced by the AIDS epidemic. AIDS has become one of the major causes of illness and death among the young and middle aged Zambians, depriving households and society of a critical human resource base and thereby reversing the social and economic gains the country is striving to attain.

“Poverty, ignorance, unemployment and inequality are the handmaidens of the AIDS epidemic. They help spread HIV, which in turn undermines development” . Thus, knowledge becomes very cardinal in addressing the epidemic, hence puts higher education in the pore position contribute to this cause. The tertiary education (particularly universities) and training sector, which is the primary mechanism for the development of the future human resources and the think tank for national development, must respond decisively to the epidemic. Click DownLoad Strategic Plan

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