Deep Well Hand Pump

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Deep Well Hand PumpTDAU has been developing a prototype of a Deep Well Hand Pump, whch will be adapted from the deep well pumps that are already available in Zambia.  The Zambian government, donors, NGOs and many indivduals have used these deep well hand umps in many water projects, providing clean and safe waer for people in rural areas.  Living standards in these areas are significantly improved by the availability of clean water as this provision improves hygiene practices and helps to reduce the incidence of diarrhoeal diseases.

The biggest challenge these water projects facesis the fact that all these pumps have to be imported from outside the country.  This is a drain on scarce foreign exchange resources and there is no value added to these pumps.  In certain situations, even he installation has to be done by foreign contractors.  TDAU's development of a Deep Well Hand Pump is a step towards domestic production and sustainability of water and sanitation initiatives.