Plain Block Machine

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Plain Block Machine


Mode of Operation: Manual

Output: 500 blocks/day with a two-person team

Blocks per 50 kg cement: up to 110

Usage: Both external and internal walls;
36 blocks/m2

Block Dimensions: 290mm x 140mm x 90mm

Weight of Block: 7 kg
Plain Block Machine
Weight of Machine: 120 kg

Height of Machine: 630 mm

Components: press, handle, stand, sieve.

Strength: satisfies the standard ZS 007: 1973, 2.5N/mm2 to 10N/mm2 (for permanent buildng materials)

Small Business Idea!
Top Right: The Plain Block Machine in operation.

Middle Right: The Plain Block Machine is quite portable. 

Below: A residence made from plain blocks produced from TDAU's Plain Block Machine.

House Made from TDAU Plain Blocks