Improved Interlocking Block Machine

TDAU is the only Zambian producer of the manually operated Interlocking Block Machine.  In fact, the Unit is one of very few regional manufacturers in southern Africa.  The blocks produced from this machine do not require cement mortar but instead lock into place, saving both financial resources and time.  In addition, this alternative building material utilizes stabilized soil block technology which requires less cement to be put into the blocks themselves.  By using interlocking blocks in your next structure you could save 30 - 60% on building costs.  Furthermore, interlocking block structures can be constructed quickly and have improved sound and temperature insuation. 

Interlocking Blocks

To date, TDAU has sold over 1,500 of these machines both domestically and internationally.  Each and every machine comes with a one-year warranty, a manual for interlocking block construction practices, and a short training by our staff on how to quickly and effectively use the machine.  If you are interested in seeing completed buildings made from interlocking blocks, our staff can direct you to several such structures all over the country.  Furthermore, we can refer you to experienced builders and recommend contractors for your project.

For more information, please refer to our recent interview with long-time client, Ivan Stubbs here.

Interlocking Block Machine Constituent Parts

 Corner Construction, Click to enlarge

CHARACTERISTICS:Small Business Idea!
Mode of Operation: Manual

Output: 500 blocks/day with a 2-person team

Blocks per 50kg cement: up to 75

Height of Machine: 900mm

Weight of Machine: 145 kg

Block Dimensions: 240 x 220 x 110mm

Weight of one block: 11.5 kg

Usage: Both external and internal walls; 38 blocks/m2

Strength: satisfies the standard ZS 007: 1973, 2.5N/mm2 to 10N/mm2
                (for permanent building materials)

Components: press, handle, stand and sieve.

 Shine Zambia Reading Academy

A pupil atShine Zambia Reading Academy in the Kalikiliki compound of Lusaka rushes towards a structure constructed with interlocking blocks; meanwhile, in the background, workers continue production of the blocks in he brickyard.  By making use of TDAU's interlocking block machine, Shine Zambia has saved 35% on building materials.

Interlocking Block Machine

The interlocking block maker in operation.