Alternative Building Material

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TDAU takes pride in its ability to offer expertise in a wide variety of areas.  As a socially-conscious entity, it is vital for TDAU to offer products and services in sectors that are important to developing nations.  In addition to consultancy services, the unit develops its own products for serial manufacturing.  These products are sold in an endeavor to be financially sustainable.  The following is a list and links to descriptions of each of our products by sector:

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Agriculture and Forestry Products
Water and Sanitation Products

Food Processing Products

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TDAU is committed to promoting sustainable human development through appropriate technological products and services.  One of the major ways TDAU contributes to economic progress is by encouraging the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  As you browse our products, keep an eye out for the green dot shown above to the right.  It provides information on small business ideas based on how some of our previous clients have utilized our products to initiate successfull commercial endeavors.

Alternative Building Materials

As a demand-driven institution, TDAU's selection of products is largely defined by the need for them in the field.  The construction industry in Lusaka and other urban areas of Zambia has grown considerably in recent years and the unit has responded accordingly.  By utlizing this large group of end-users as an integral part of product development and innovation, TDAU has developed and refined their machines to suit to the consumer appropriately.  At times, this has meant the development of manual rather than electrical machine operation, and other times portability becomes an issue.  Regardless of the specifics, TDAU's alternative building material machines and other construction products are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.

Interlocking Block Machine
Plain Block Machine
Concrete Block Machines
Mukwa Door
Kitchen Unit