Three UNZA academicians have been honored by the State for their contributions to the nation. The Zambian Government awarded Golden Jubilee honors on the occasion of the 50th Independence Anniversary of Zambia to Prof. Prem Jain, Ms Suman Jain and Professor Mubanga Kashoki.

 prof jain prof-kashoki   mrs jain

Professor Prem Jain is a respected scientist and educationist in the Department of Physics, School of Natural Sciences. He was honored for his long and distinguished service of 35 years to Zambia in the fields of Renewable Energy and Climate Change. Having initiated his work in Renewable Energy more than 30 years ago and in Climate Change about 25 years ago, Prof Jain displayed remarkable vision and foresight in realizing the future importance of the two fields. He showed immense dedication, commitment and leadership in developing the two fields within and outside UNZA. Working closely with academic institutions, the government, the private sector, the NGOs and cooperating partners, he contributed significantly towards laying down the foundation, building capacity, raising the profile of the two fields and their applications to the benefit of the Zambian society.

Mrs. Suman Jain is based in the Department of Mathematic and Statistics, School of Natural Sciences. She has been honored for her long and distinguished service of 35 years in teaching Mathematics and Statistics to scientists, engineers, economists and social scientists, as well as to other science-based students. She has displayed a unique blend of professionalism, mastery of the subject, and love and passion for teaching that have made her an immensely popular and engaging teacher. Having taught mathematics to an estimated more than 10,000 Zambians, she has inspired a whole generation of Zambians into study of Mathematics. Many of her former students occupy high positions in practically all walks of Zambian life. Due to her impressive teaching, many of her former students cherish her classes long after graduation. She has served as a role model to female students by turning their fear of Mathematics into love for the subject.

Prof and Mrs Jain feel that the award could not have been possible without UNZA's support. They expressed their joy and gratitude for this honor in the following words: “This Award has a special meaning for us. The recognition of our life-long work, especially in a country other than our country of birth, is highly inspiring and speaks volumes for the open- mindedness of the Zambian society. We are extremely grateful to the State and the Government of Zambia for this recognition. We also wish to thank the entire UNZA administration, staff and colleagues for their support and cooperation throughout our 35 years of service at UNZA. We look forward to continue discharging our duties and services with renewed commitment, sincerity and integrity for the development of the institution and the nation”.

Professor Mubanga Kashoki is a respected Researcher and academician under the Institute of Economic and Social Research.