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No. Guidelines Forms
1 Appeals for Change of Grade or Comment Appeal for Change of Grade or Comment Form
2 Appeals for Course Overload Appeal for Course Overload Form
3 Appeals for Admission Appeal for Admission Form
4 Appeals for Change of School Appeal for Change of School Form
5 Appeals for Change of Mode of Study Appeal for Change of Mode of Study Form
6 Appeals for Change of Programme (Quota) Appeal for Change of Programme (Quota) Form
7 Appeals for Re-admission after Elapse of Allowable Period Appeal for Re-admission Form
8 Appeals Against Expulsion or Suspension Appeal Against Expulsion or Suspension Form
9 Appeals for University Accommodation Appeal for University Accommodation Form
10 Appeals for Withdrawal with Permission Appeal for Withdrawal with Permission Form
11 Appeals for Course Exemptions Appeal for Course Exemptions Form


Please ensure that you read guidelines before completing the form.