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Dr. Dennis Banda



 (a)  Publications   

 2002           Summer School paper on indigenous knowledge and education for all, Oslo, 2001, Norway, (was to be published in an edited book by prof. Herman of the University of Western Cape)

2006               Banda, Dennis (2006). African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS) AND Educational For All (EFA) Goals in Zambia. In: Simelane, Salebona Sicelo & Badroodien, Azeem (Eds) (2006). Education and Development in the Commonwealth: Comparative Perspectives. A research Colloquium December, 2006 ( ISSN 1746-1707)

2008               Banda, Dennis (2008). “The Non-formal Education in Zambia”. In: UNESCO (2008) .Country Profile prepared for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2008. Education for All by 2015: Will we make it? (2008/ED/EFA/MRT/PI/10)

2008               Banda, Dennis (2008). “Non-Formal Education in Zambia.” In: Cris , Duka & Herbert, Hinzan (Eds) (2008). Knowing More, Doing Better. Challenges of CONFINTEA VI in Non-Formal Youth and adult education. Bonn: Die Deutsche Bibliohek

2008               Banda, Dennis (2008). Education for All and African Indigenous Knowledge Systems: The Case of the Chewa People of Zambia. Köln: Lambart Publishing Company- Germany

2011               Empowering or disabling: the evaluation of the Primary Reading Programme (PRP) in Zambia. Köln: Lambert Publishing Company- Germany

2011               ‘‘Cross-Cultural Social Research with Indigenous Knowledge (IK): Some Dilemmas and Lessons’’.Journal of Social Research & Policy, No. 3, July 2011

2011               ‘’The Chewa folklore as an instrument of Education’’ (accepted for publication after 11th Jan 2012 in SPRING Journal

 (b) Research Undertaken

2010:              Co- researcher on VVOB and ZOCS research on Community school and data analysis   and report production

2011:              Co- researcher on the Ministry of Education National Research ‘On Opportunity To Learn and Learner achievement’

2011:              Co- researcher on Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) and Sight Savers on Situational Analysis of Children with Special Education Needs (SEN)- Visual Impairment

2011:              Evaluation of the Path Way 1 and Path Way 2 courses for initial literacy preparation in English for Room to Read organization.


On going                   With Dr. Manchishi, Mr Nkosha and Mr Tambulukani  on a study entitled, “The teaching of English Literature in Zambian High Schools” (At proposal writing level)



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