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Unza Scientists develop a new Remote Aircraft


The University of Zambia scientists in the School of Engineering developed a modern aircraft using uncommon existing aircraft mechanisms. See images below

The scientist Jasper Hatilima reported at the recent media briefing held in Senate Chamber of the University of Zambia that the aircraft will use local materials to build the body.

The title of the paper presented at the media briefing was tagged “Mechatronics: Model Aircraft as case in point” presented by Jasper Hatilima. The aircraft was developed by a group of scientists including Jasper Hatilima, Choolwe Sabaana, with assistance from Chisamba Mayondi.

The scientists reported that they wanted to establish if they could integrate UAV technology for surveillance in different locations such as game reserves for protection of wild life by increase visibility over the endangered species and therefore countering the sophisticated methods used by intruders. It was reported that the aircraft can also be used in different contexts such as farms which have increasingly become automated.



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