Chidongo Phiri




2008   A feminist Perspective on the impact of Globalization on the Kulamba Traditional           Ceremony for the Chewa Speaking people of Zambia. Government Printers. Lusaka


2005    Social Capital and Training manuals in the Zambian civil Service. Government                       Printers. Lusaka



Completed,  August 13th  2011, lead researcher, Mr. Simpito, R ( TVTC) and Co.           Researcher, Mr. Chidongo, Phiri on a study called ‘’ Baseline survey for Road           technicians,  Certificate level training for Miners in Luanshya.


Completed July 9th lead researcher, Ngoza, Tembo and Co.Re-searcher Chidongo Phiri           on ‘’ TEVT Organizational Structure Challenges and Strategies, A case of           Ministry of Science and Vocational training’’.


Completed February 14th lead researcher, Mhango Jairos and Co. Researcher,   Chidongo Phiri on a topic ‘’ the impact of Corruption in the Road Sector. A case    of Weighbridges’’


On-going 12th January, 2013, Phiri Chidongo and Dr. kalimaposa Keith,’’ Oblivious           training in Emotional Intelligence’’ at Chinama Health College for Psychiatric           Nursing. This research has received some funding from the NORAD           development cooperation


 2011 to date Leader, Dr. Kalimaposa, K and Co-Researcher, Mr. Chidongo Phiri, on a           topic entitled ‘’ Insearch of New Paradigms and Strategies in the fight against           Corruption in the  Zambian Road Sector., this research is being funded by the           Road Development Agency


11th February, 2011, involved in group research as participating lecturer on a program           between National University of Ireland-Maynooth, University of Zambia, Zambia           Open University, Mulungushi University and University of Muzuzu in Malawi, on           topics such as Education, climate Change and cultural values. I am the focal point person in coordinating climate change and education in Zambia. This project is being funded by the Irish Embassy in Zambia. The Chairperson is Prof. Yerokun, Dean Mulungushi University, Zambia


Editorial Review

2007- Book reviewed entitled, Discourse and Knowledge; The making of the           enlightenment Sociology by Piet Strydom,( 2000).


2007- Book reviewed entitled, Irish White Paper on Poverty and Aid for developing           countries, by the department of Foreign Office (1995).


2011- Book reviewed entitled, an introduction to modern Philosophy by Castell, Porchet




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