Dr. Joseph Mwansa




J. M. Mwansa (2014) Lubuto Library  Literacy Lessons : A multimedia computer-based self-instruction programme I developed for Lubuto library Inc. It was originally in Bemba but has since been translated/adapted into six other official regional languages. The programme which is funded by USAID, World Vision and Comic Relief will be distributed to some 800 primary schools in Zambia.

I have participated in writing and editing the  following documents for the Ministry of Education:

2012: With Dr. J. Simwinga, “The National Policy on Youth and Adult Literacy

2012: “National Literacy Framework”

2014: I wrote the introductory  text for the ‘ Early Childhood Education Framework’ 

2014: I served as editor  for  the following Bemba  text books for the new curriculum in primary schools for Oxford University Press (South Africa):

·         Grade one Social Studies

·         Creative and Technology Studies (CTS)

·         Grade 2 Integrated Science

·         Grade 2 Mathematics

Work in progress (expected to be completed this year):

·         The Bantu-Romance Connection: a comparative study of the acquisition of object clitics in Bantu and Romance languages.  (A monograph based partly on my PhD thesis)

·         The Teaching of Literacy and Zambian Languages in Primary Schools. (A textbook for teachers and trainee teachers in Colleges and Universities).




2013 (May) : D. P. Evans, J.M. Mwansa, D. Rahimi, B. Njovu, A. Zyambo “Assessment of Management Practices within the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training, and Early Education and baseline Information for Measuring progress.” This study was sponsored by USAID.

2013/14:  D. Banda, J.M. Mwansa, Chipindi, B. Njovu, G.K. Tambulukani and masters students, “Teacher Training is critical to improving Early Grade Literacy” a joint UNZA STEPUP Zambia research.

2013: With Read to succeed Project: We developed and trailed a national Assessment Instrument in Northern Province, for Early Grade reading which is now being used by the Ministry of Education, Science Vocational Training and Early Education as the Grade One National Literacy Assessment Instrument.


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