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Ignatio Bwalya


Research and Publications Done



2006    Abdi, Ali., Shizha Edward and Bwalya Ignatio, Recasting   Postcolonial

            Citizenship through Civic Education:  Critical Perspectives on Zambia; in

            Journal in International Education 35(2), 47-64.       


2006    Bwalya; I., ‘Core Values and Principles of Democracy’ in Chondoka                      A. Y (ed), Readings in Civic Education in Zambia, Lusaka, UNZA                      Press.


1999    Bwalya I., An Insight on Teaching and Learning in Primary Schools:  The

            Case of Hillside School in Chipata:  An Activity under Professional Support

            Structure for Primary Education (PSSPE) Report submitted to PSSPE Secretariat,





1998    Bwalya I and Hakasenke D., Module Six:  Senior Secondary School History,

            Lusaka; Zambia Education Projects Implementation Unit (ZEPIU).




2006 to date    Member of Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of   Contemporary

      Issues in Education (see                




          2015    Banda, D., Delina Munkhoyo, Katongo Moonga & Ignatio Bwalya. Trends

                      of Gender Biasness in Language Aspects that can Affect Classroom                   

                      Practices at Primary, Secondary and in Primary School Teacher Training

                      College in Zambia. Paper presented at 4th UNAM Annual Educational

                      Conference (EDCON) held at Katima Mulilo Campus, Namibia, 17th – 20th



           2014    Ignatio Bwalya, Nisbert Machila, Patrick Sikayomya and Yvonne                 

                  Kabombwe ‘The Relevance, Viability and Effectiveness of History as

                       School Subject Lusaka District of Zambia’.


           2006    Abdi, Ali A,  Shizha Edward and Bwalya Ignatio,  Recasting Postcolonial

                      Citizenship through  Civic Education: Critical Perspectives on Zambia;                      

                      (Research findings later published)





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