Chileshe S. Kandondo





a)  Books and articles

Kandondo C S,  2012.  Local Governance in Zambia: Government Grants and Local Government Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness. Lambert Academic publishers,  Germany.

Kandondo C S, Kalimaposo K, Matafwali B,  Mulenga I, Muleya G, and Chakufyali P, 2012.   ‘A situational analysis on the Teaching of Governance Issues in the primary and Junior secondary school curriculum in Zambia.’  Zambia Journal of Education, Volume 3 No. 2 of 2012.

 Kandondo C S and Muleya G,  2013.   Decentralisation and  Effective Local  Governance in Zambia’   in Social Policies and Social Development in Zambia: OSSREA Zambia  Chapter Academic Workshop  Proceedings  2012.  UNZA Press.  Lusaka


b)  Documents / Books Reviewed

2011     Reviewed Civic Education course outlines for the   Diploma   Programme for Parglory College of  


2011       Reviewed  Civic Education course modules Fast Track programme


Unpublished Teaching/Reading Material

    CVE 4010   core Values and Principles of Democracy(2013)

    CVE 2020   Social and Economic Development (2013)

    CVE 3010   Zambian Culture and Development (2012)

    CVE 322     Advanced Constitution and Human Rights Studies(2012)

    CVE 321     Public Legal Education(2011)

    CVE 111    Introduction to Civic Education( revised 208)

    CVE 112    Introduction to Governance( revised 208)

    CVE 211    Introduction to Constitution and Human Rights(2009)

    CVE 212    Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies(2009)

    CVE 222    Citizenship Education (2009)

  CVE Module  1   Civic Education Foundation(2010)

  CVE Module  2   Governance(2010)

  CVE Module  4   Legal Education and Public Policy(2010)


Research Undertaken

2011With Dr. P Loloji(Principal Researcher) , C. S. Kandondo and Alex Chileshe (co- Reseachers). The Impact of Constituency Development Fund  In Zambia.    Conducted on behalf of GIZ, Ministry Local  Government and Economic Association of Zambia.

2011C. S. Kandondo With G. Muleya,  P Chakufyali, I.   Mulenga,  K Kalimaposo and Dr.  B  Matafwali (  co- researchers). On the Development of the curriculum for teaching Governance in Basic schools   in Zambia. Conducted on behalf of Governance Secretariat and Ministry of Education.

2005(Thesis for Postgraduate Diploma in Governance, Democratisation and Public Policy) Entitled ‘Decentralisation and effective Local Governance in Zambia’.


2001 (Thesis for Master of Arts Development Studies- Public Policy and Administration)   Entitled ‘Government Grants And Local Government Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness in Zambia: The Case of Kabwe Municipality’.


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