The University of Zambia Management would like to correct the wrong impression created by the post in the Zambia Reports Facebook Page, on-line newspaper purporting that the University has thrown out self-sponsored students in the cold. The University has procedures and policies that govern its operations including the enrolment and registration of students.

The Student Registration policy clearly stipulates how students should be registered, pay for tuition fees through the flexible payment mode. Students, who are self-sponsored and those not fully-sponsored by Government, can enjoy this flexible payment system as follows:

a)    First instalment         :    37.5% of total tuition fees
b)    Second instalment    :    25% of total tuition fees
c)    Third instalment       :    25% of total tuition fees
d)    Fourth instalment     :    12.5% of total tuition fees

For a student to be registered in the University registration system, he/she must pay 37.5% of the total tuition fees.

Therefore, those students who are not appearing in the University Registration system have not shown any attempt to pay the first instalment of 37.5% of total tuition fees by the date of the late registration of 15th April 2018.

It should be noted that online registration for the University of Zambia begun on 27th November 2017 and ran up to 31st March 2018. The late registration was scheduled for 15th April 2018. This registration window was long enough for students’ sponsors and parents/guardians to make arrangements to pay for tuition fees.

It should be indicated here that the University of Zambia need these tuition fees to do the following:

1)    Pay for the University operations and maintenance expenses
2)    Pay for mid-term and end-of-academic year examinations
3)    Pay for laboratory reagents
4)    Pay for internet services
5)    Pay for electricity, water and sanitation and solid waste management services
6)    Pay salaries for lecturers and professional staff
7)    Pay for regulatory obligations such as NAPSA, ZRA PAYE, Insurance.

We would like to put on record that students have been communicated to, even during the closure period, about the flexible payment mode for tuition fees. It is, therefore, incumbent upon students and their sponsors to honour their obligations and responsibility to pay for the services the University of Zambia has been offering to them, and it should be noted that these services are offered to them at a cost to the University.

Therefore, any person who has not paid registration fees (37.5% of total tuition fees) is not a bona fide student of the University of Zambia and so he/she cannot continue to enjoy the services offered by the University. Besides, the University reserves the right to remove such persons from its two campuses, namely the Great East Road and Ridgeway campuses.

Issued by:

Damaseke Chibale
Manager, Public Relations
The University of Zambia