UNZA Vice Chancellor, Prof. Luke Mumba (middle), Jilin Agricultural University Vice President, Prof. Yuejie Zhang (next to Prof. Mumba) and UNZA Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Enala Tembo-Mwase (3rd from right) pose for a group photo with delegates from Jilin Agricultural University and UNZA staff.

The University of Zambia (UNZA) Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Luke Mumba, has expressed enthusiasm over the collaboration between Jilin Agricultural University (JAU) and the UNZA to set up the Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre (ATDC) at the UNZA’s Liempe Farm.


Speaking during a discussion between members of staff from JAU and UNZA, Prof. Mumba said the project was in its third phase (Sustainable Development Stage) where the operating funds to maintain the project would be supported by its own sustainable development.

He said the proposed collaboration between UNZA and JAU in the sustainable stage is premised on the following:

1.    The need to provide assistance to Africa following the China Africa Summit in 2006.
2.    The pronouncement by the President of the People’s Republic of China in March 2015 at a meeting with the President of the Republic of Zambia on the need to deepen collaboration with Zambia.
3.    In December 2015, the new concepts policy was launched by the President of the People’s Republic of China with a specific focus on promoting partnership based on development.

“The 10 Plus 10 concept, as articulated by the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping, placed a requirement for 10 universities in China to enter into beneficial partnership with 10 universities in Africa,” Prof. Mumba said.

And JAU Vice President, Prof. Yuejie Zhang, expressed delight at the partnership with UNZA promoting sustainable commercial agriculture through training and exchange programmes between the two universities. He said that JAU was committed to the successful implementation fo the signed agreement.

Meanwhile, Prof. Mumba also indicated that UNZA and JAU have been discussing opportunities for collaboration as follows:

I.    The establishment of a joint school with a jointly assigned staff.
II.    Establishment of a joint international laboratory
III.    Co-promotion of the sustainable development of the Agricultural Technology Demonstration Centre
IV.    Increased joint commercial agricultural activities between UNZA and JAU at Liempe Farm; plan to expand agricultural production to 300 hectares at the farm.
V.    Scaling up of technical training and demonstration activities at ATDC.
VI.    Setting up of a maize milling and maize processing plant at ATDC.

Prof. Mumba further urged both teams to achieve tangible outcomes in 2017 through implementation of the cooperation agreements.