Following the power outage on Saturday, 9th June 2018 around 19:00hrs which affected the University of Zambia Great East Road campus and surrounding areas of Lusaka, some students masterminded a protest which resulted in blocking part of the busy Great East Road and smashing the front windscreen of a motor vehicle, registration number BAH 5506, owned by Ms Madelene Tembo of Avondale.

We would like to sincerely apologise to members of the public and, particularly, to Ms Tembo, for this senseless act by some of our students.
We would like to put on record that these students contravened rules and regulations for registered students of the University of Zambia on riotous behaviour and vandalism.

Consequently, the following students have been suspended for masterminding the said protest with immediate effect pending hearing of their case by the Student Board of Discipline:

1.    Mr Winner Mwiinde (14122847), School of Education
2.    Mr Richard Malambo (14128594), School of Education
3.    Mr Misheke Kakonde (14002744), School of Education
4.    Mr Muyenga Lifuke (14078830) Resides in ZM 2 – 10
5.    Mr Kerris Habwacha (Chilepule Baby) (15054306) School of Education
6.    Mr Ben Muwela (Ben Black) (13063804) School of Education
7.    Mr Paul Mwauluka (11051388) School of Education

The above-named students must leave the University campus immediately and will not have access to facilities of the University of Zambia while their case is actively before the Student Board of Discipline. More culprits will be announced in due course.

As a deterrent measure, all resident students at the Great East Road campus of the University of Zambia will be surcharged to meet the cost of repairing and/or replacement of the above-stated motor vehicle and any other property as will be assessed.

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