The New School of Education Complex Construction Project

The School of Education has embarked on constructing a new Complex for the school and you are invited to support its activities


    The University of Zambia structures were constructed in the early 1960s and its doors were opened in 1966. The early buildings at the current site were constructed with donations and contributions from citizens of the Republic of Zambia. Some citizens donated funds and some contributed in kind such as chickens and farm produce.

The earliest School to be constructed was the School of Education. In line with this spirit, staff of the School of Education has decided to embark on the construction of the New Complex through their own effort and by invoking the spirit of support from the Zambian public, both corporate and individuals instead of relying entirely on government funding.


    The School of Education as earlier stated is the oldest of all schools in the University. The middle building, commonly called The School of Education Building, was the first one to be constructed in the 1960s. This was followed by the New Education Building where the Department of Literature is housed which opened in 1973. The third building is the Bridge Building which was constructed in the 1980s. Since then, there has been no new infrastructure added.

Since the establishment of the School of Education, there has been progressive expansion in student numbers from about 100 in 1966 to the current figure of over 7 000 students. Staff numbers have also drastically increased from about 30 to 130 academic and about 17 support staff. These increases in student and staff numbers have exerted pressure on the current infrastructure to a level where for larger classes; students sit on the floor and staff share office space, in some cases, four lecturers to one office. This situation has led to a very unacceptable working environment and has also affected the quality of teaching and learning in the School.

It was this pressure on limited infrastructure and our desire to offer quality education that made us plan for the construction of a New School of Education Complex which would house larger lecture theatres, classrooms and laboratories, and additional offices for departments and lecturers. Our plan to have a new complex constructed was approved by the University Council and Management and land has been allocated between the old infrastructure and the Great East Road.


    Since the University Council and Management approved our request to have new infrastructure constructed, we have had plans and designs done by Architects and the School is now ready to initiate construction works. The total cost for the construction is ZMW260 Million.  The School now wants to begin raising money to supplement what the University Administration will advance for this project. A committee (New School of Education Complex Construction Committee) has since been constituted to spearhead the fundraising activities. Its main mandate is to plan and organise fundraising activities in collaboration with the University Management.
  2. One of the fundraising activities that have been planned for is a fundraising Dinner Dance. The Dinner Dance is intended to bring together corporate organisations as well as individuals who can contribute towards this project. It is seen as a way of marketing the project as well as soliciting for financial support and establishing links with potential funders. The Dinner Dance is scheduled to take place on 4th June, 2014 at the New Government Complex Banquet Hall starting at 18:30hrs. Tickets have been pegged at K300.00 per head.