1. China National Knowledge Infrastructure, CNKI (www.cnki.net)

The major resources available under CNKI are:

  • China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ) which is the largest academic journal full-text database in the world, updated continuously. It collects over 7,000 academic journals published in China. The content covers natural science, engineering and technology, agriculture, philosophy, medicine, social science and so on. By 1st November, 2018, the total article amount was more than 54 million. The areas it includes are Science-Engineering (A), Agriculture, Medicine/Hygiene, Literature, History, Philosophy, Politics, Law, Military Affairs, Education, Social Science, Electronics, Information Science, Economics and Management.

  • China Doctor/Master Dissertations Full-text Database (CDMD)

  • China Proceedings of Conferences Database (CPCD)

  • China Core Newspapers Full-text Database (CCND)

  • Century Journals Project (CCFD)

  • Yearbook (CYFD)

  • Reference Works (CRWO)

  • Chinese Legal Knowledge Integrated Database (CLKD)

  • Statistical Yearbooks (CSYD)

  • Patents (SCPD)

  • Standards (SCSF)

  • S & T Achievements (SNAD)

  • Ancient Books (GXDB)

2. China Law Info (www.pkulaw.cn / www.lawinfochina.com)

Chinalawinfo is an advanced legal information retrieval system launched by the Peking University’s Legal Information Center. With continual improvements to technology and addition to content, pkulaw has evolved over the last 20 years into the largest and most professional legal research system in China.

The major resources available under China Law Info are:

3. Dragon Source (www.qikan.com)

Dragon Source provides access to thousands of Chinese popular magazines and journals in full-texts. They can be read from cover to cover in image files as a print copy in its entirety, or in text format, which offers ‘copy & paste’ as well as ‘search’ functions.