Clubs and Societies

Student Organisations

Student Organisations refer to clubs, associations, societies and religious groupings that are affiliated to UNZASU and are registered with the Dean of Students’ Office. There are more than fifty (50) student Organisations at UNZA. Membership of one of the student Organisations allows students to enjoy activities on the University’s campuses that are not normally part of the academic curricula and also allows them to become part of a Campus community that opens up new challenges and opportunities.

Each of these student organisations are run by students and any current UNZA student may be a member.  Individual organisation hold a number of events every year, including an annual general meeting where new leadership is elected for the following year.

Christian Centre Chapel

The Student Christian Centre, which comprises a chapel and some offices was built in 1984 to provide students and staff of all Christian denominations, a venue for worship and other religious activities. It is manned mainly by two chaplains, one for Catholics and the other for Protestants. Apart from organising and conducting prayer sessions, the chaplains are also involved in pastoral counselling in the context of meeting spiritual care needs of students and other members of the University community.