Dr. Priscilla Hamukwala

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension Education
Senior Lecturer
Academic Qualifications:
  • 2020-  Ph.D.  Agricultural Economics, University of Pretoria, SA.
  • 2003 - Master of Science – Agribusiness, Alabama A& M University, Normal Alabama, USA.
  • 1999 -  Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, University of Zambia.

Priscilla Hamukwala joined in January 2005 as a lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics & Extension.  She teaches farm management courses and co teaches Fundamental concepts of integrated primary science and Teaching and learning primary science for undergraduates. She also co-teaches Agricultural police analysis and Production economic courses for post graduates. Other work includes consultancy and supervising undergraduate students’ research projects and Masters’ thesis. Prior to joining the University, she worked as a Research assistant at Zambia Seed company, and earlier as a Research assistant and Trainer in the Zambia Rural Youth Initiative Project sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture –Foreign Agricultural Service and USAID in support of the Zambia National Farmers Union.

Research Interests

Priscilla Hamukwala’s research interests include; Economics of micronutrients nutrition; Impact assessment studies; Poverty Analysis; and farm business analysis.

On-going Research

Gender differences in preferences for biofortified food crops in three Sub-Saharan African countries.

Selected Publications
  1. Hamukwala, P., Oparinde, A., Binswanger‐Mkhize, H.P. and Kirsten, J., 2019.  Design Factors Influencing Willingness‐to‐Pay Estimates in the Becker‐DeGroot‐Marschak (BDM) Mechanism and the non‐hypothetical Choice Experiment: A Case of Biofortified Maize in Zambia. Journal of Agricultural Economics vol. 70(1), pp 81-100

  2. Hamukwala, P., Oparinde, A., Binswanger-Mkhize, H.P., and Kirsten, J. Design Factors Influencing Willingness-to-Pay Estimates in the Becker-DeGroot-Marschak (BDM) Mechanism and the Non-Hypothetical Choice Experiment: A Case of Biofortified Maize in Zambia.  Accepted for publication in the Journal of Agricultural Economics. January, (2018).

  1. Tembo, G., Hamukwala, P., Chimai, B & Chishimba, E. (2014).  Socio-economic characteristics of sorghum & millet farmers in Luansshya district of Zambia: Does improved seed matter? International Journal of Current Research, 6(2) pp 5172-5177   

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