Akombelwa Muyangana



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2015                           Mubita,K., Principal Researcher, Co Researchers: Sikayomya, P., Machila, N., and Muyangana, A.N. “Pupils’ and Teachers Perception of School Climate in Selected Schools in the Chilanga District: An Explolation of Varying of Disparity”. 

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2012                            Muyangana, A.N., “Strategies Employed by Teachers in the teaching of Reading Comprehension in Selected Secondary Schools in Lusaka District”,(Unpublished M . Ed Dissertation) Lusaka: University of Zambia.       

2003                            Muyangana , A.N.,“ The Impact of Political Change on the use of Language in Zambia from 1990-2003: Transition from One Party Participatory Democracy to Multiparty Politics(Unpublished BA Ed Dissertation )

2003                            Muyangana A.N., “The Impasse of HIV/AIDS on University Education in Zambia” (Unpublished BA Ed Research Paper)




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