Accommodation Information

University accommodation options  


Within the UNZA campus area, there are hostels for both men and womenThe Dean of Students oversees the application process for the rooms, which opens at the beginning of each academic year. Therefore, it is recommended that all overseas students who wish to obtain housing at the school apply through the Dean of Students' Office by sending their application letter, along with their admissions letters from the University of Zambia, to Since there are fewer rooms available than there are students, it's critical to submit the application letter on time because housing is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Alternatively, international students can apply for accommodation through the International Link Office at 

Private housing options  

There is also student accommodation offered outside the main campuses by private owners, information about which is available at the Dean of Students offices. 

International Students who wish to find their own source or other alternatives for accommodation during their study at the University of Zambia are free to do so. Nevertheless, this might be subject to inspection by relevant University of Zambia authorities to ensure that appropriate standards are adhered to.