Immigration Information

 For clients applying for residence, diplomatic, spouse, visiting, study, temporary, employment as well as cross-border visas. 

Guiding principles in the issuance of permits and visas 

The department’s immigration’ policy is based on the following four (4) principles; 

  • An immigrant to Zambia must have a contribution to make in form of skills, profession or capital 

  • An immigrant should not deprive a Zambian of employment 

  • An immigrant should not be a charge on the state. 

  • An immigrant intending to settle in Zambia must be in possession of a permit. 

VISA Requirements 

Please check if you require a visa to enter the country. Should you need a visa, please apply for an entry visa at the Zambian Embassy or High Commission in your country immediately. 

Study Permit 

This permit is offered to a foreign national who intends to study on full-time basis at a Zambian educational institution.  Study permit applications are done online at  Study permit application requirements 

  • Application form (To be filled online)  

  • Two recent passport size photos 

  • Photocopy of current passport 

  • Photocopy of current visa  

  • Photocopy of current passport endorsement from point of entry  

  • Letter of acceptance from the Institution/School (admission letter) 

  • Status of the host, parent, or guardian if any; 

  • Proof of commitment from the sponsor (certification of scholarship, letter from the provider) 

  • Medical report from the UNZA Clinic 

  • Covering letter from the Applicant to the Director- General of Immigration  

  • Payment of a prescribed fee (To be paid Online)  

Permit fees


STUDY PERMIT  K6,750  K9,000  K6,750  K6,750 Change of School 



Please visit the website for more information on the online application.