Vision and Mission


Tenhance excellence in teaching and learning by putting in place a favourable environment appropriate to providing an efficient, timely and user-tailored service.


Our Mission is to provide ready and efficient physical and bibliographic access to information consistent with the teaching and research interests of the University of Zambia faculty and the learning needs of UNZA students. 

The Library supports all subject areas taught by the University at both under-graduate and post-graduate levels. In addition, the Library provides its members with a large number of services and resources, including an extensive range of electronic resources. Owing to its status as a National Reference Library, the University Library facilities may also be used for reference or borrowing purposes by members of the public on whatever terms and conditions the University Librarian deems necessary.

To achieve its mission, the library will endeavour to:

  • Provide adequate office and reading space for both staff and users. 
  • Secure appropriate furniture for both users and staff. 
  • Provide an effective security system for the entire Library and its resource contents. 
  • Provide equipment for use by both staff and end-users. 
  • Secure bindery materials and requisite equipment. 
  • Enhance access to electronic resources.
  • Establish an efficient and reliable Internet connectivity for effective information access and document delivery. 
  • Upgrade staff skills through in-house training and retraining.