Department of Geology

Geology - IWRM

  • The SATREPS Project team from Japan visited the Department during which areas of collaboration in research were agreed upon, namely: groundwater, environmental remediation and mineral beneficiation.
  • Development of a water quality and quantity database for the Upper Zambezi (funded by SASSCAL) Project
  • Collaborative project, DAFNE – Decision Analytic Framework for Food, Water and Energy nexus within the Zambezi Basin continued from the second quarter.
  • Characteristaion of selected springs in Zambia: Sources of clean water and medicinal health. 
  • Wetlands Monitoring and Assessment Service for Transboundary Basins in Southern Africa (WeMAST). Funded by Africa Union Commission. Awarded to SASSCAL Consortium on 10th November, 2017
  • Project for Visualisation of Impact of Chronic / Latent Chemical Hazard and Geo-ecological remediation in Zambia, KAMPAI Project. Funded by JICA
  • A Sanitation Project on “Characterisation of pit contents and developing a scientific understanding of processes occurring in onsite dry pit latrines systems in low income urban areas in Zambia”. Funds secured from Water Resources Commission (WRC) of South Africa as a sub-contractor of the WRC for the Belinda and Bill Gates Foundation Grant Project.


  • Geological Mapping in northern Zambia lakes area of oil exploration Block 31.