Staff Exchange

It is agreed upon in several Mutual Agreements of Understanding between UNZA and a partner institution, members of academic or administrative staff may be invited to the partner institutions for a short-term visit to perform teaching, research or administrative tasks. The objective of staff exchange is to promote and strengthen academic and scientific co-operation between partner institutions.

Once nominated by the University of Zambia and approved by the hosting institution, the staff member will be engaged with a department or unit. Furthermore, the schedule and programme for the visit must be approved by both institutions.

A host institution will provide a work space and access to library and other facilities. Depending on the specific agreement, other benefits (e.g. board and accomodation expenses) can also be provided. During the visit, the University of Zambia will maintain its staff member on full salary during the period of stay.

Vice versa, these conditions apply to members of staff coming from partner institutions to University of Zambia.

For more details on the staff exchange, please contact International Link Office

Partnerships with Staff Exchange
University of Cassino (All applicable fields of study. Duration 3-12 months)
University of Helsinki (All applicable fields of study. Duration up to 6 weeks)
University of Jyväskylä (Development studies, Education, and Psychology. Duration 1-3 weeks)