Mabvuto Sakala

Department of Public Law

Academic Qualifications:

  • LLM
  • Nottingham, LLB, UNZA,
  • AHCZ

Mabvuto Sakala holds an LLB from the University of Zambia, LLM from the of Nottingham in UK and a postgraduate diploma in Law from Lund University in Sweden. He is also a full member of the UK based Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Mabvuto is admitted as an advocate of the superior courts of Zambia since 2002.  Over the last 16 years, he has been involved with the Law School of the University of Zambia, either as a tutor or lecturer, lecturing Jurisprudence, Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law, Commercial Law and other courses. He is also involved in designing curriculum for the School and supervising directed research papers. Mabvuto also represents the University at various fora and has publications in referenced journals on various legal subjects.  

In addition, Mabvuto is an active legal practitioner with 16 years’ experience. Mabvuto is also the Vice-chairperson of the Legal Resources Foundation (LRF), a non-profit civil society organization that promotes and protects human rights through provision of legal aid services to the indigent. He also represents, yearly, at least two vulnerable people or groups, including the disabled, juveniles, women and the needy on a pro bono basis. 

Mabvuto is currently a PhD student at the University of Cape Town where he is researching of the interface between mining and the conservation of protected areas


Referenced journals 

  • Mabvuto Sakala “Franchising in Zambia” in Franchising in Africa: Legal and Business Consideration, edited by Kendal H. Tyre, Jr., and Diana Vilmenay - Hammond, Washington DC, LexNoir Foundation, 2012, ISBN 9780615957487
  • Mabvuto Sakala, “The effect of the TRIPs Agreement on the Right to Health in Developing Countries” in Journal of the International Institute for Law and Medicine, edited by Dennis Campbell, Yorkhill Law Publishing, Austria, ISBN 978-1-4357-0226-4
  • Mabvuto Sakala and Kelly Kapianga “Compensation of a surface rights holder by a resource extraction licence holder: A Zambian perspective”, in the Zambia Law Journal, University of Zambia Press, 2016, ISBN 1027 -7862
  • Mabvuto Sakala, “The effects of the TRIPs Agreement on the Right to Health in Developing Countries” being a partial requirement for qualification for an LLM Degree (unpublished) 
  • Mabvuto Sakala, "Zambia's Asylum and Refugee Law and its Practice: To what extent does it comply with International Conventions and norms?” being partial requirement for qualification for an LLB Degree (unpublished)

Selected Research & Presentations

  • Social Protection of Migrant Workers infected with HIV/AIDS in the SADC Region: A Zambian Perspective - Presented at an international conference on the Rights of Migrant Workers in Maputo Mozambique held between 17 & 18 November 2011
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Refugees and Asylum seekers. Does Zambian law and practice guarantee them? Presented at a training seminar for human rights lawyers hosted by the Human Rights Trust for Southern Africa in Harare Zimbabwe in 2003
  • Work-in–progress 
  • Unilateral variation of employment contracts: A critical analysis of the case of Mike Musonda Kabwe v B.P. Zambia Limited
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