Dr. Wilma S. S. Nchito

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Wilma S. S. Nchito is an urban Geographer who has studied the contemporary patterns and material aspects of Zambia’s urbanisation which is in transition. She has worked closely with the local authority and a Slum Dwellers International (SDI) affiliate in Zambia on several research activities and upgrading projects to co-produce knowledge for inclusive upgrading. She has published project relevant research on the informal sector in Zambia, climate change and adaptation in the city, settlement upgrading. She has extensive knowledge of the city of Lusaka and has worked on several issues including local area planning, gentrification, access to water, climate mitigation, street vending and urban transport development. She is currently the Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies at the University of Zambia.

Research Interests

Urban geography, Urban services provision, Water and Solid waste management, Urban informality and renewal, small town development, Border town dynamics, Tourism, African Diaspora in African towns, Inter-disciplinary research, knowledge co-production, urban transport, cities and climate change.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

Nchito W., 2021. Addressing inequalities in the covid response. Global Dialogue. Vol 11(3):45-46. globaldialogue.isa-sociology.org/upload/imgen/3102-v11i3-english.pdf?1638550757.

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Nchito W.S., and G.A. Myers, 2004, ‘Four Caveats for Participatory Solid Waste Management in Lusaka, Zambia’, in Urban Forum, 15 (2), 109-133.

Book Chapters/Proceedings

Nchito, W. S. and Funga, B. E., 2021. Does Participatory upgrading really work? Piloting Local Area Planning in Lusaka Zambia. 57th World Planning Congress. Planning Unlocked, Doha 8-11 November. Conference Proceedings.

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Policy Briefs/Infographics

Nchito W. S., 2019. Water Solutions for Resilient Cities: The Contribution of Policy Briefs Co-produced by FRACTAL and city partners to a More Climate Change and Water Resilient City. Urban Caucus, Governance Brief 4, FRACTAL. http://www.fractal.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/UCGB4-Lusaka-WN-et-al.pdf

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