Message From The Dean

I warmly welcome all visitors to the website of the School of Natural Sciences.  Natural Sciences is one of the most important schools in the university, forming as it does the gateway to all science-based programmes at the University of Zambia.

All aspiring scientists training at UNZA do their first year in the School of Natural Sciences, only proceeding to their school of choice in the second year and sometimes in the third.  Natural Sciences thus plays the dual role of not only producing graduates in the natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography and Environmental Studies, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics) but also of laying the foundation required by those wishing to pursue studies in Engineering, Medicine, Mining, Agricultural Science and Veterinary Science.  
The School of Natural Sciences strives to perform its functions to world-class standard.  It is a wise choice for those seeking research and other collaborations and those looking to train for a career in the sciences.

The information required to assess the offering of this school has been made available on this website.  This information includes contact details of the various departments, profiles of the members of staff, details of programmes and outlines of research activity.  I hope this proves useful to the clients of the school. If any further clarifications are needed on any issue, the visitor is free to contact the school on email address or to call on 260 211 254406.

Once more, I wish a warm welcome to visitors to the Natural Sciences website.  The school looks forward to interacting with them.

Habatwa V. Mweene (PhD)

Dr. Habatwa V. Mweene

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  • Telefax: +260 211 293 
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  • Department: Physics
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Natural Sciences