Student Union

The name of the students union is called the University of Zambia Students’ Union (UNZASU) and it is governed by a Constitution which is referred to as UNZASU Constitution. There is a UNZASU Council which is the supreme policy making body of UNZASU and monitors the branches.  Currently, UNZASU has two branches being at the Ridgeway and Great East Road Campuses.  Its headquarters, however, is at the Branch where the Dean of Students’ Office is. Its UNZASU Executive is elected by the general membership of students.  Membership of UNZASU is compulsory to all registered students with the University of Zambia regardless of their mode of study.  All UNZASU members are expected to conduct and behave in a manner that upholds the integrity of the Union and the University at large.

Within the UNZASU Council there is a Council of Hall Representatives which is found at each Branch.  This Council is composed of a group of elected student representatives from every block or hall of residence and are responsible for implementing UNZASU policies at hostel level.