The University Library system is managed as a unified service at the University level. The University Library system consists of three libraries. The Main Library at the Great East Road Campus, the Veterinary Library, serving the School of Veterinary Medicine and the Medical Library situated at the University Teaching Hospital. The Main Library was designated a National Reference Library and is as such open to the general public.

The University of Zambia Libraries are committed to supporting the teaching, research and outreach efforts of the university and to serving the community through its collections, preservation efforts and access to information in all of its various formats.

As the heart of the University of Zambia, the Libraries provide the required services to support the core business of the university through availing its services to the user community. In order to access current and timely information, UNZA Libraries have apart from purchasing books and other print materials, also introduced the electronic resources through which the users can access thousands of scholarly databases.

The Collections already total 2 629 001 volumes, most of which reference materials are readily available on an open-access basis while other collections include government documents, Zambiana, and accessioned volumes include items taken over from the libraries of former international organisations’ publications.

The University of Zambia Library has continued providing the required services to support the core business of the University of Zambia through availing its services to the user community for teaching, learning, research and public service.