Agriculture specific online resources that are freely available to researchers in developing and emerging countries.

Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK)

The Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) is a partnership-based e-learning initiative to train individuals and support institutions and networks world-wide in the effective management of agricultural information. IMARK consists of a suite of distance learning resources, tools and communities on information management. There are separate portals in French and Spanish


The FAO Corporate Document Repository houses FAO documents and publications, as well as selected non-FAO publications, covering topics including agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry management, and sustainable natural resources management . It enables users to easily access the accumulated knowledge and information produced by FAO directly on the Internet. There are separate portals for FrenchSpanishArabic and Chinese.

Livestock, Environment and Development (LEAD)

The work of the LEAD initiative, located within the FAO, focuses on the close and complex interactions between government policies and the environmental impact of livestock production. Resources available include documents related to livestock, the environment and development and the Livestock and Environment Toolbox, an electronic decision support tool for policy makers, planers and project leaders, to enable them to assess interactions between livestock and the environment. The toolbox helps the decision makers to identify appropriate technology and policy interventions within the domain of animal production-environment interactions. LEAD also provides separate portals in French and Spanish.

Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture

Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture (PIPRA) offers a wide number of services supportive of the management of agricultural intellectual property, access to agricultural bio technologies, and development of biotechnology research tools and products. PIPRA's publicly available, on-line IP database consolidates information, including licensing availability, of agricultural technologies accessible for research and development.