Message From The Dean

Mr. Zgambo
Dean of Students: Mr. Lastone T. Zgambo

On behalf of all the staff and my own behalf, I welcome all new and returning students to Students' Affairs Unit for the 2017/2018 Academic Year.

The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to the provision of a conducive living environment that enhances student learning. We promote a caring and safe community that increases our students' abilities to learn and live healthy lifestyles. We promote inclusiveness, integrity, transparency, green environment, accountability, academic freedom. In short we support the success and growth of all students, and enrich student experience. We prepare students to think critically, practice skills and good values - all of which they can use throughout their lifetimes.
The Student Affairs Unit is responsible for the organization, coordination and administration of various non-academic aspects, social welfare and personnel services for students registered in the university. These include student governance, accommodation, general counselling and career guidance, disciplinary control, sport and recreation, social welfare (i.e. health, security, hardship, hostel cleaning), horticultural aspects (i.e. campus hygiene and sanitation, refuse collection, amenity horticulture) and the orientation of first year students.
The functional capacity of the Unit is discharged through five distinct departments, viz Central Office, Counselling Centre, Sports and Recreation, and Student Welfare and Residences (Ridegeway and Great East Road Campuses) and Student Registry.

There are seven operational Committees, viz Departmental Heads Committee, Business Premises Allocation Committee, Staff Disciplinary Committee, Student Board of Discipline, Student Hardship Fund Committee, Student Orientation Committee and Student Residences Committee. Membership on some of the operational Committees integrate representatives from UNZASU and some Schools (i.e. Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine), and the Registrar's Unit.

The heads of departments and chairpersons of operational Committees are answerable to the Dean of Students who is the professional and administrative head of the Unit. The Dean is answerable to the Vice-Chancellor.
The motto of UNZA is service and excellence.

The tradition of decency, therefore, is the heart beat of my Office. I know that it will not be difficult for all of you to join the UNZA train of nice and decent students. After all, when for example, one dresses well it adds up to the good personality of that person. An indecent dressing sends a bad signal to observers who will not only be worried but also form wrong impression about such a person. With regard to your social interaction on Campus, let the students' rules and regulations be your guide and read notices from the notice boards, student portal and UNZA website.

In conclusion, please note that: "Your world is as big as you make it".  Make your stay at UNZA big, big enough to absorb every good thing that can make you be what God has purposed you to be.

May God richly bless you.

Dean of Student Affairs